Fire By-Law No. 4136

Bylaw Number:
Date of Adoption:
A By-Law to provide for the establishment of a fire department and, subject to the Fire Services Act and regulations made under it, the regulation of persons and property for the purpose of preventing or extinguishing fires in the City of Prince George,

Amended By
Fire Bylaw No. 4136, 1983, Amendment Bylaw No. 7562, 2004 - A Bylaw to amend the "Fire Bylaw No. 4136, 1983", by removing the fees and charges therein and placing them in the Comprehensive Fees and Charges Bylaw

Fire Bylaw No. 4136, 1983, Amendment Bylaw No. 7364, 2004 - A Bylaw to amend Fire Bylaw No. 4136, 1983

Repealed By
City of Prince George Fire Protection and Fireworks Bylaw No. 7775, 2006 A Bylaw to continue Muncipal Fire Rescue Service and to regulate, prohibit, and impose requirements in relation to the Municipal Fire Rescue Service, firecrackers, fireworks, explosives, and the safety and protection of persons and property